Armada Kingdoms is a highly anticipated Massive Multiplayer Online game for iPhone. Armada Kingdoms blends the strategy, tactics and online roleplaying genre in an immersive world on your iPhone.

Build your town, manage your economy and go to war with other Kingdoms while you complete quests, collect items and interact with your friends. The game is competitive and cooperative with strong social aspects to keep the community engaged.

In Armada: Kingdoms your avatar is a town which never disappears from the world when you log out, an important difference between normal MMOs. This means you can be attacked, people can send messages and your town progresses while you are away from the game. Armada: Kingdoms is a slow paced strategy game that rewards you for logging in frequently for a short period of time instead of sitting behind the computer for hours. The game is played in short sessions, which only take a few minutes each.

Game Features

Persistent Building & Production System

Construction & production take place in real time. Your villagers produce resources such as gold and food in your absence, but leave your lands undefended and you may find your town in smoldering ruins. Maximize the output of your population by tuning the efficiency of your fledgling town.

Story Driven Massive Multiplayer Game

As you construct buildings, you will attract villagers that offer you new dialog and quests on a daily basis. The world is truly persistent. Events occur regardless of your presence and some quests are time bound and may expire if you don’t accept and finish them soon enough. The world of Armada is always in motion.

Rich Tactics-based Combat System

As you progress, you will unlock heroes. Level your party of heroes up and attack other human settlements or A.I. controlled camps & dungeons. Each battle is different. The Tactics-based Combat System is easy to learn yet offers considerable strategic depth for more dedicated players. You can equip your heroes with over 300 unique weapons and armors to choose from.

Choose between 4 distinct races

The solitary tribe of the Txamsem, balancing between the equilibrium of life and death.
The proud bloodline of the Crimson Brigade, using their technological superiority to improve life.
The hedonistic Onmyōdi, harnessing the powers of elemental magic conserved in the Academi.
The sinister Nae-Ghrava, tormented by the Netherworld they are on a bloodthirsty mission of revenge.

Cooperative and Competitive

Your Town is part of a Kingdom of 10 hu man players. Invite friends to join your Kingdom or make new ones. Discuss strategies and roles using in-game chat and the Kingdom forum. Forge alliances, break treaties, spy on your rivals, coordinate wars, construct wonders or seize control of your own Kingdom as you influence your fellow political leaders and take the crown!