About us

Bloomsix is a developer of interactive entertainment software based in Amsterdam. Founded by Joris and Bart Verschoor, Bloomsix focuses on developing and publishing premium quality games franchises for the iPhone. After establishing a dominant position in the iPhone market, we plan to expand to other platforms and media. We are proud to be recognized by PricewaterhouseCoopers as a ‘Company With Extraordinary Potential’.



Based in the cultural heart of the Netherlands, Bloomsix has its office in Amsterdam. Ever since the Dutch golden age, Amsterdam has been home to some of the greatest creative masters in history like Rembrandt van Rijn, Jan Lievens and Vincent van Gogh who helped shape our unique creative identity. Though the Netherlands is known for its liberal thinking; today it is a breeding ground for many world renowned ad agencies, fashion designers, cartoonists, art galleries, musea and game developers. Building upon this great creative legacy, Bloomsix strives to follow in the footsteps of the Dutch masters and contribute to the creative collective.”


Corporate Values

Aesthetics – We appreciate beauty. We apply good taste to everything we do. This has implications far beyond our elegant game design philosophy, dedication to storytelling, strong art direction and clean code. Everything is functional, light weight and aesthetically pleasing, from corporate documentation to our infrastructure and internal tools.
Knowledge Incubator – Our employees must develop their talent. They must learn to diversify their knowledge. To broaden the knowledge and thus value of our employees, we want everybody to be both a mentor and protégé. By broadening knowledge through mentorship, our employees will have a stronger team spirit and an overall more creative team that excels in interdepartmental collaboration.
Cross Cultural Team – We believe that good ideas become great ideas when different people, from different backgrounds are involved. Bloomsix aims to attract talent from different backgrounds, beliefs and nationalities.
World-Wide Talent – We manage people locally and remotely enabling us to hire from the global talent pool. This allows us to attract talent from all over the world, allowing them to learn from each other. Headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Bloomsix provides an attractive base for international staff members to migrate to.
Pet Projects – We encourage our staff members to tinker with their own game designs. Bloomsix supports these efforts by providing monthly rapid prototyping sessions, where these ideas come to life. Some of these ideas eventually turn into commercial games produced and published by Bloomsix.